MINOX DTC 650 Game Camera: Simple Operation, HD Video Resolution and Black IR-Filter Flash

For some time now, game and trail cameras have been used for checking, recording and investigation purposes in nature observation and in game parks. They have become an essential tool in this field of observation. The optical specialist MINOX is therefore extending its range of game cameras with the new DTC 650 model. Small and compact, this new MINOX DTC 650 is extremely convenient to use. It features HD video resolution and a black filter in front of the 60 LEDs that makes it completely invisible to animals and people when using the flash!

The new MINOX DTC 650 is fitted with a special Minoctar lens that enables practically distortion-free shots. Every motion is captured rich in contrast and with pin-sharp definition. The powerful infrared flash with its range of up to 15 meters produces reliable images even in unfavorable light or twilight conditions. The wavelength range of the flash is invisible to both people and to animals due to the use of a black filter in front of the infrared flash. This makes the new DTC 650 the perfect tool for game parks and hunting grounds as well as for safeguarding property and personal safety.

The intelligent design of the Multi Zone PIR Motion Sensor offers greater flexibility and efficiency during the shots. With an individually adjustable sensitivity the camera only captures desired objects and can completely exclude recordings of irrelevant motions, such as those of branches or grass.

Thanks to its extremely short shutter delay of less than one second and a battery life of more than 6 months the new DTC 650 is a reliable companion for nature observation. All data are stored on an SD card and can be directly read from the integrated 2-inch monitor or can transferred using the USB port. The data can also be saved on the SD card with a code, thus preventing unauthorized access by others. The new DTC 650 can also be protected against theft with a padlock.  With an integrated 9-volt port the DTC 650 can be conveniently connected to the power mains at any time e.g. on the outside of buildings.

A sturdy and weatherproof plastic body protects the reliable technology of the MINOX DTC 650 and keeps out water, dust, cold and heat.

The new MINOX DTC 650 is available in a brown finish and in a camouflage version and comes with a fixing strap and USB cable. Optionally available accessories include a lock box, security kit, an external power cord as well as a battery and charger. The DTC 650 is available from specialist dealers.