Nissin Di700A Air Flash and Air 1 Commander Wireless System Now Available for Sony

The Nissin Sony Di700A Flash, in combination with the new Air 1 Commander to wirelessly control this new flash, is now shipping, it was announced by MINOX USA.

“After the successful introduction of the Canon and Nikon versions  earlier this year, the addition of this Sony version with the new Sony MIS foot has been highly anticipated,” said Bruce Michelsen, director of sales and marketing for MIN0X USA, exclusive distributors of Nissin in America. “This now gives Sony users a simple and affordable way to get a Sony compatible radio flash system.”

This newly developed 2.4GHz radio transmission wireless system provides big advantages over traditional optical transmission systems.  The new NAS radio is less susceptible to angle and obstacle limitations with coverage up to 98 feet. The Air 1 Commander has eight different radio channels to choose from in the event that there is interference on a given channel.

The Air 1 Commander will control up to three groups of flashes; A, B and C.  Multiple flashes can be set to each group. The Air 1 Commander can control the flashes in TTL or manual settings.  It also will allow the user to control the zoom head of the Di700A. Retail for the Sony Di700A and Air 1 Commander Kit is $299.