Hedler Introduces Two New Profilux LED Light Units

Two new innovative lighting developments, designed to meet the demands of entertainment and media professionals, have been introduced by Hedler Systemlicht – the Profilux LED1000 DMX and the LED 1000x DMX.

On the backside of both Hedler Profilux light units there are two 5-pin DMX sockets with standard pin configuration. Connected to a suitable DMX controller they can be switched on/off and the light output power can be adjusted remotely. “Both were created to satisfy the demands of today’s videographers”, said Bruce Michelsen, head of marketing and sales for MINOX USA, exclusive distributor for Hedler products in America.

Through the use of a fresnel lens and its focusing option, the Hedler Profilux LED 1000 DMX provides superior lighting flexibility. It can be adjusted from spotlight to floodlight simply by turning the focusing knob. The newly developed Hedler Profilux LED 1000x DMX is designed as a floodlight unit, and both feature the latest Hedler reflectors and softboxes, which can be attached optionally to alter the lighting characteristics.

Out of one high-power single LED, the Hedler lights generate daylight quality with approximately 5600K and a CRI >95, flicker-free. They are compact and lightweight, perfect for on-location work. All Hedler light units are designed to withstand the rough working conditions of professionals, and function as a reliable lighting tool. To produce reliable systems, Hedler uses high quality components. Their light units are built by hand in Germany and are individually tested. The result -- a quality product that is backed by a 36-month warranty.