Product Overview

MINOX binoculars and spotting scopes are extremely popular thanks to their very high quality. They offer top performance at a very attractive preice-perfomance ratio. From twilight into the deep night, when the human eye and high-power binoculars have reached their optical limits, MINOX night vision devices offer a decisive advantage: their state-of-the-art illumination technology reveals objects that remain otherwise unperceived by the human eye. Ideal for night-time expeditions, hunting observations and game management, or just for one’s own personal safety.

NVD 650
MINOX NVD 650 Digital Night Vision Device

MINOX is presenting with the NVD 650 a new digital night vision device with a recording function. Featuring a 6x optical magnification, which can be digitally increased to 30x when needed, the large lens diameter of 50mm ensures high light-gathering capabilities that result in good resolution and image brightness.

In addition to night-time observations, the MINOX NVD 650 also enables the recording of either photos (5-megapixel resolution) or HD videos onto an SD card. Observations at night can now be documented quickly and easily, and in high quality.

NVD 351
MINOX NV 351 Night Vision Scope

With the powerful residual light amplifier in the MINOX NV 351 and a 2 .5x magnification, objects can be viewed in sharp detail at a distance of up to 70 meters, bringing light into the deepest of darkness – perfect for a safe orientation in very low light situations.