Product Overview

MINOX – a b rand with a long tradition and decades of experience – a b rand that stands for remarkable and innovative ideas in long-range optics and characterized by the vision and values of the world-famous German engineering culture. Since the invention of the revolutionary spy camera, MINOX is the synonym for the perfect miniaturization of cutting edge technology.

The essence of this expertise flows directly into the development of MINOX’s modern and compact binoculars, offering high-tech for the eye and comprehensive features for those with exceptional demands. Uncompromising in design and robustness, the maximum possible excellence and precision is emphasized – the achievements of German engineering that constitute the system of values found in the MINOX brand.

With its robust and compact design, the MINOX Nautic Line perfectly rounds off the professional equipment required on board every modern yacht. Designed for the severe requirements of water sports enthusiasts and maritime navigation, the MINOX Nautic Line offers the maximum of brilliance, clarity, resolution and reliability even in bad weather conditions.

BN 7x50 DCM

The BN 7x50 DCM is the flagship of the MINOX Nautic Line and convinces with innovative features. At the push of a button, the multifunctional digital display located at the center of the field of view supplies all information required when at sea. Advantage: observed objects and compass remain at the center of attention.

BN 7x50 DC

The MINOX BN 7x50 DC combines everything a navigator and water sports enthusiast needs – high functionality, perfect view, quick orientation and outstanding ergonomics. The BN 7x50 DC is equipped with a digital compass and tilt function to determine the height of viewed objects and their distance.

BN 7x50 C II

Thanks to its new optical system, the BN 7x50 C II offers a 28% better viewing experience for wearers of glasses. The extra-large oculars provide 100% use of the entire field of view. The analog SUUNTO compass can be used in both the northern and southern hemispheres, offering safe navigation in any part of the world. A completely rubber-armored housing provides a significantly increased shock resistance.

BN 7x50 C

The BN 7x50 C is the classic basic model in the MINOX Nautic Line equipped with an analogue compass and reticule, and provides the highest level of precision optics and mechanics. The robust and grippy housing provides a perfect hold even in inclement weather and is water tight down to a depth of 5 metres.

BN 7x50

The BN 7x50 is the class reference model in the MINOX Nautic Line. Equipped with Porro prisms, these binoculars offer excellent light transmission and a strikingly plastic image.

Floatable Neck Strap
Available only as an accessory.