A sunny outlook for all enthusiasts of the great outdoors!

The Suntimer™ from MINOX keeps a check on UV radiation

Good recommendations are rare and of great value when coupled with a watchful eye.  The new MINOX Suntimer™ is an innovative instrument suitable for all active leisure enthusiasts as it helps them estimate the maximum amount of time for safe exposure to sunlight, as accurately as possible.  This small and compact Suntimer™ is no larger than a normal watch and will be of great value to those who want to spend time in the sun, without overdoing it. The Suntimer™ is therefore a particularly useful accessory for sportspeople and outdoor fans when out hiking, skiing, playing beach volley ball, surfing, biking, trekking, fishing or even just watching sport in sunny conditions.

Sunlight is essential for human beings and in the right dose it is both healthy and important.  However, its UV radiation can quickly produce many known unpleasant conditions, so, the safest way to avoid UV radiation and possible sunburn is to stay away from direct sunlight altogether – but who wants to do this?  It is always best when involved with outdoor activities to estimate, as much as possible, the maximum exposure time to the sun before your skin can be damaged by too much UV radiation, but that’s not easy.

The Suntimer from MINOX helps you keep a watchful eye on damaging UV radiation and backs up sensible judgment of the overall conditions with high-technology. With its special sensors it measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight and provides you with information on its intensity. To determine an optimum time to stay in the sun, important individual factors can be programmed into this tiny instrument, such as skin type and the protection factor of sunscreen in use. In this way, the user gets a maximum time reading which is individually adjusted to his or her personal profile, and when that time expires the Suntimer™ sounds an alarm to suggest you get out of the sun.

A universal fixing band on the Suntimer™ offers allows various fixing options. On the upper arm, for example, or on the wrist, on a backpack or baby buggy. From here the Suntimer™ measures the sun’s radiation constantly and with its dynamic calculations also readjusts when there is sometimes little or no radiation acting on the sensor or measuring eye  – when indoors, for example, or in the shade. The pre-calculated maximum time for exposure to sunlight is then automatically adjusted and corrected.

Additionally, the MINOX Suntimer™ may be used as a watch, stop watch and alarm.