Nissin’s Popular Di700A Flash Units Now Available for Fujifilm and Four Thirds Systems

With the growing popularity of the Fujifilm Cameras and the Micro Four Thirds Camera Systems, Nissin Digital has launched several new products to meet the demand for this emerging segment of the market. The popular Di700A and Air 1 Commander are now available for these two camera Systems.

“As with the other 700A products, these new flashes will be sold as a kit and individually,” said Bruce Michelsen, director of sales and marketing for New England Imaging Distribution (NEID), the new exclusive distributor for Nissin in America.

The other announcement is that Nissin’s Air 1 Commander also will be available as a stand-alone item for these two systems. The popular Di700A flash includes a built-in radio receiver, and the Air 1 Commander wirelessly controls the flash.
The Air 1 Commander will also work with the previously released i60A for Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds Systems.

The Air 1 Commander has eight different radio channels to choose from in the event that there is interference on a given channel. It will control up to three groups of flashes; A, B and C.  Multiple flashes can be set to each group. The Air 1 Commander can control the flashes in TTL or manual settings.  It also allows the user to control the zoom head of the Di700A.

Retail prices: the Di700 Air for Fujifilm and for Micro Four Thirds, $259. The Kit for both, $299. The Nissin Air 1 Commander for both, $89.99. For more information about these new models and NEID, visit their web site coming soon; phone (603) 504-6317; or e-mail info@