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Shooting Sports Product Test - MINOX MD 60 ZR

Chris Parkin finally gets his hands on long awaited 'wish list' technology.

Spotting bullets and their ‘trace’ in flight fascinates me and, when shooting at long range, I often think that the spotter is quite rightly the commander of the paired shooting team. Yet, we so easily dismiss the need to spend time, money and effort looking at spotting scopes. Three years ago, I was at a press event at WMS firearms in Wales, using an early prototype of Minox’s MD spotting scopes with a reticle fitted; at that time in the second focal plane (SFP) with the usual associated caveats. Besides that, when set at a specific magnification and paired with Jules Whicker that day, myself spotting and he on the gun, I was astounded by the immediate ease and shooting capability, with little previously paired experience together, (that is needed in conversation) to place bullets on steel over 1000 metres away.

Product Version

Skip a few years and production versions are with us, as well as the 60 or 80mm objective lens choice on the regular MD 60/80Z, the ‘R’ suffix now implies Minox’s superb MR2-S reticle on board in the first focal plane (FFP), so adhering to precise milliradian subtensions through any magnification. The MD 60 Z is perhaps the more ‘tactical’ of the two, with lower weight and compact size, it’s 12-40x magnification enabling greater field of view and terrain orientation. This is especially helpful if you need to track bullet ‘trace’ as it arcs through the sky, where the visual effect will skim quickly through your upper field of view as the bullet distorts the air along its flightpath. Tallied with The MR2-S reticle, which is identical to riflescope reticles in Minox’s ZP range, and other Milliradian designs from other manufacturers. It has fine 0.2 mRad divisions on the main crosshairs with additional AQRAS and Mrad Scales in the lower left and right quadrants, for more precise dimensional measurements when assessing distance or bullet splash on target.

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MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 rifle scope with the MR4 Reticle Review - Go Big Tactical

I've been using the Minox ZP5 5-25x56mm with the MR4 reticle over the summer. The scope has been flawless and left me wanting to upgrade the rest of my fleet. Prior to the Minox, I had a S&B PMII 5-25x56mm MTC on my PRS rig. To be quite honest, I was never wowed by the scope. For something that cost north of $4000, I expected it to be amazing. I actually preferred Nightforce over the Schmidt. Then Minox came along...

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MINOX ZP5 5-25×56 – Reviewed by Rifletalk, Canada

Being lucky enough to own some nice scopes presents a real “First World Problem” because it becomes harder to be super-impressed with new scopes that come along. Occasionally, however a scope does present itself that makes me say “wow” and the Minox ZP5 is one of those scopes – so for those who like a short read, you can stop here. For those who want to find out why I say the Minox ZP5 is a “wowzer” please read on. (Click on the pic)


MINOX ACX 300 Action Camera - Hard Core Test!

The MINOX ACX 300 Action Camera offers up to 3K video resolution and up to 120fps at lower resolutions for slow motion. Small, tough and versatile, this video camera is built to capture any dynamic expression: it is ideal for saving our sporting and hunting actions, with Minox quality at an affordable price.


Review: MINOX MD 80 ZR Spotting Scope for sport shooters

The MD 80 ZR by MINOX is a spotting scope that was developed specifically with sport shooters and law enforcement in mind. We took a closer look, putting the scope through its paces on the shooting range. The video gives you the low down on the features and specs, as well as how well it works specifically for sport shooters.

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