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The MINOX BF 10x25 is the clear winner!

Searching for compact binoculars, I made multiple trips to three different sporting goods stores and tried out nine different models from seven different companies. Taking into account size and portability, optics, build quality, and price, MINOX was the clear winner! Mr. Alan H. is also the finest customer service rep I have ever dealt with!

When a company does something well, I like to let them know, because too often, I am sure, you only hear the complaints. I had my first opportunity to really use the new binocs this weekend, hiking at a nearby state park. They are absolutely everything I wanted in a compact binocular! Focusing is smooth and precise, the image is clear, bright, and razor sharp, and the comfortable neck strap is just icing on the cake! I honestly couldn't be happier with this purchase! So far, they have brought me up close to several birds, turtles, deer, and even two foxes!

I have many, many reasons to rave about these binoculars, but, to sum it all up, I love my MINOX binocs!


Brian S.

P.S. I like these binoculars so well, I even look at things inside my house, across the room, just to "play" with them!