French Archery team member Dominique GENET relies on his MINOX APO HG 10x43 and MINOX MD 62 during competitions.

My name is Dominique Genet. I am French and have been practicing archery since 1988. I am a member of the French National Compound Archery team since 1996 and am regulary among the top 3 worldwide for several years now.

Archery is a sport of precision. Our arrows measure 5mm in diameter and must withstand the impacts at 50m making it imperative to have the right equipment. In addition, during our outdoor competitions, my equipment is subjected to hardships like rain, wind and sun, sometimes several days in a row.

This is why I prefer using the MINOX MINOX APO HG 10x43 binoculars. The impeccable optical quality and low weight is exactly the kind of equipment and material quality that I need. For shooting indoors, it is very useful to see where the arrow hit the target and be able to judge my shot instantly. For shooting outside, I can use them in the rain without any concern because of their watertightness. Their optical quality is especially helpful when shooting in low-light situations. Under the pressure of competitions, it is very important for me to see quickly and exactly where I hit the target.

I really like using my MINOX MD 62 during qualification shoots at fifty meters. Like the binoculars, it is compact, lightweight, waterproof and has a high optical quality. It also provides relief during the qualifications as they take place for tow to three hours and on the same spot - mounting the spotting scope on a tripod allows me to be more free to move and my shoulders are not burdened by the binoculars hanging on my shoulder.

Here are some of my accomplishments:

2015 Mexico, World cup: 3rd, individual
2013 Medellin, World cup: 1st place, team
2013 Antalya, World cup: 3rd place, team
2013 Riom, European Grand Prix: 4th place individual
2012 Paris, World cup Final: 4th place individual
2012 Amsterdam, European Grand Prix: 1st place, team  
2011 Antalya World Cup: 3rd place individual
2011 Boe, EMAU Grand Prize: 3rd place team, 3rd place individual
2009 Antalya, World cup: 1 place individual  
2009 Rzeszib, World cup, 3rd place team, 3rd place individual
2008 Boe, World cup: 1st place team
2007 Izmir, World championship: 3rd place individual

When it comes to precision and reliability, MINOX ist definitely my brand of choice!