Taiwan Archery Team Tests the MINOX MD 50 W During Olympic Games in London

In 2011, the Taiwanese national archery team's coach was offered a MINOX MD 50 W spotting scope to view the targets after the shots have been made.
The coach’s requirement was that there must be no fogging inside the spotting scope when using it from 6 to 10 a.m., where the temperatures increase by 10°C on a typical sunny day in winter. After using the scope during several training sessions, the coach was very satisfied with the anti-fogging technology of the MINOX MD 50 W spotting scope.
For the summer of 2012, the coach mentioned that he would like to test it again because most other spotting scopes were overcome by the hot and moist weather, causing them to fog up on the inside. After testing the MINOX MD 50 W yet again and then during the Olympic Games in London, the team confirmed the high quality of the MINOX fog prevention technology and were very satisfied with the overall functionality of the scope.

H. Fan