19.02.13 tests the MINOX APO HG 8x43 - High quality but inexpensive

MINOX upgraded the lineup of its high level binoculars. Right now the series HG (High Grade) comprises of six models. The main innovation is in the field of view (FOV), which is now 15% larger than in the previous models.

There is another new feature: only the two top-line models, the 8x43 and the 10x43, claim to have apochromatic optics (APO).

Because of this, I asked the manufacturer if it could be possible to test a sample of the 8x43. My request was answered by none other than the company president Mr. Thorsten Kortemeier. Furthermore, due to the alacrity of Andrea Schmidt-Agel, of the office of foreign relation, I received the binocular but one day after my original request, together with the new HB 10x52 BR! Many Italian resellers should adopt this modus operandi.

The sample of Minox HG 8x43 APO I received was tested between May and June 2011. These are my impressions.

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