Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which laboratories can develop my MINOX 8x11 mm film?
    Please click here to find the MINOX 8x11 laboratories worldwide.

  • Batteries
    The PX 27 batteries contain quicksilver and are hazardous for the environment. For this reason these batteries are no longer sold. MINOX has developed an adapter for use with the SR 43 batteries (Powerpack 8x11). These batteries are sold in most countries and can be acquired at nearly every photo shop. The order number for the MINOX Powerpack 8x11 is 69108 and can be acquired at your local MINOX dealer.

  • I no longer have my user's manual. Where can I get a replacement?
    Most of the manuals can  be downloaded here.

    If your camera type is not listed, please send us a short message with a description of your camera and serial number. We will then mail you the requested manual. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of all manuals.

  • I cannot get my DCC M3 or DD1 to work under MAC OS X. Is there a driver available?
    When operating the DCC M3 and DD1 under MAC OS X the camera may not be recognized and the images cannot be transferred to the computer. This is due to a runtime problem in conjunction with the internal timer of the computer when using MAC OS X. This is a computer-specific malfunction! Unfortunately, there is currently no specific driver available to solve the problem. As an alternative, please run the camera in "Classsic Mode" under MAC OS.

  • What is the difference between the MINOX GT-X and MINOX GT-S?
    The MINOX GT-X is the predecessor of the MINOX GT-S and has a dark grey finish where the MINOX GT-S has a soft silver finish.

  • What is the difference between the MINOX GT and MINOX ML?
    Compared to MINOX GT, the MINOX ML has an automatic program, a LED display in the viewfinder as well as a light meter memory. The lenses of both cameras are the same. Production of the MINOX ML was discontinued in 1995.

  • What is the difference between the MINOX GT-E and MINOX GT-E new?
    The MINOX GT-E new has a snapshot setting as well as a new finish.

  • Where can I send my MINOX product for repairs or inspection?
    Please visit this page. After thoroughly inspecting your camera, we will provide you with a repair estimate for approval. If you decide not to have your MINOX product repaired, you will be charged a 12,- Euro service fee (plus shipping & VAT).

  • Is it possible to order MINOX products directly at MINOX?
    If you cannot find a local MINOX dealer, please contact us directly here.

  • How can I find out the status of my cost estimate?
    Repairs can take up to 30 days. If you have any questions concerning the repair or cost estimate of your product, please contact us directly. Please include repair number, description of your product and the serial number in your query.

  • How can I determine the year of production and the current value of my MINOX camera?
    Please contact us directly including the model and serial number of your product in your query. The year of production can be found here.

  • Where can I find a driver for my digital camera?
    For the latest drivers please visit this page.