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MINOX HG 8x43 - Best Binoculars Reviews - Best Wildlife Observation & Hunting Binocular 2012

Winner in 2011 and once again in 2012, the Minox HG 8x43 scored a hugely impressive 87% overall on the Best Binocular Reviews Ratings scale, that included a 10/10 for body construction quality. So you just know that these water and fog proof binoculars are extremely well made and easily tough enough to handle pretty much whatever you throw at them whilst you are out there in the wild.

As well as this, at only 650g (22.9oz), these are one of THE lightest full sized binoculars that I have ever reviewed, this combined with their well made and well padded neck strap will make them as comfortable as possible even if you have to carry them with you all day.


MINOX APO HG 10x43 tested by Craig Boddington

An old name in optics. MINOX is very much back on the radar with a very cool scope and a pair of premium binoculars.


A Birding Interview about high grade binoculars - American Birding Association, May 2010

As Director of Sales and Marketing/Outdoor Channels for MINOX Sports Optics and formerly Vice President of Sport Optics for Leica Camera Inc. (NA), Terry Moore is a recognized authority on high-quality sports optical equipment, including "glass" designed for the steadily growing birding market. Born and reared in Oklahoma, Moore exhibited an early interest in the outdoors and pursued schooling as a field biologist before focusing on business. His career grew from part-time work in a camera store to sales and sales management in the consumer photographic industry. In 1995, he established Leica's Sport Optics Division. An enthusiastic birder himself, Moore has traveled extensively in the pursuit of this passion.

Moore gives Birding some professional advice on choosing binoculars, previews the optics of the future, and reveals why - when it comes to optics - birders and hunters are more alike than they might think.


Test Review of the MINOX HG 8x43 on the Best Binoculars & Binocular Reviews Website

Highlights include the fully multicoated optics and the phase correction coatings on the prisms that do help to produce the very bright and sharp image that is as good as any binocular that I have tested in this class and in my experience you usually have to spend a great deal more money than this to find a brighter binocular.

I also really like the distance scale on the focusing wheel that with that turns your binoculars into a kind of short distance rangefinder. The quality of the metal wheel as well as the focusing ring that locks in place are also just a few of the quality components that all come together to ensure that you feel that you have a quality pair of optics in your hands.

They make ideal general use binoculars that will excel in nature observation and as birdwatching binoculars. They are also great optics for hunting due to their rugged design and neutral coloring. They very tactile armour covering feels great in your hands, are very lightweight in comparison to other high quality full size binoculars and are well balanced.


User story - MINOX HG 10x43: Ronnie Rowland, professional hunter

As a professional hunter, my binoculars are very much as important as my rifle. They are mostly used to approach and observe game and to determine if the animal represents a “ripe trophy”. For this reason, my MINOX HG 10x43 binoculars are simply indispensable. Whether in the glaring Damaraland woodlands, in thickets or even during a leopard hunt at nightfall, my MINOX HG binoculars offer a consistently high-definition image. They are very quickly focused, which is what I greatly appreciate about my MINOX binoculars. When one is stalking game, it is often only possible to observe using only one hand. As a day-to-day tool, good binoculars must be robust, light and simply reliable. In each of these points, my MINOX binoculars are qualitatively and simply the best. In my continued profession, I will most assuredly rely on my MINOX binoculars.

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