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MINOX ZX5i 2-10x50 BDC - Rifle Scope With An Excellent Value

Rocky Mountain Outdoors Writers & Photographers member Mike Hammond wrote the following review, who bought a MINOX ZX5i 2-10x50 BDC which was donated to RMOWP by MINOX for the auction at the Bryce Canyon Conference.

Not much can be added to the description or specifications that MINOX's ZX5i 2-10x50 BDC rifle scope development team included in the user guide for this scope.

The ZX5i, fitted with the Leupold Mark 4 base and rings made attaching this rifle scope to the Heckler-Koch 308 AR-15 style platform about as easy as you can get, making your friendly gunsmith's skills unnecessary to install the ZX5i scope to the rifle. After laser bore sighting the scope to the gun, it was time to head out the door, fire up the truck, make a stop for some ammunition and get to the gun range to finish the sighting-in process.

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Zeroing in with the MINOX ZA5 3-15x50 HD

It only took ten years, but I finally had my rifles shipped to California. My .270 had a good scope on it, but I wanted a great scope. When I spoke with the experts at MINOX, they recommended the ZA5 3-15x50 HD for what I was going to use it for. The HD glass has incredible clarity, even in low light conditions, and with the ballistic reticle, I can shoot out to 400 yards comfortably. I know on paper I can shoot out to 500 yards, but with a 34-37" drop I will stick to closer ranges with this weapon.